Logic will get you from A to Z.


Imagination will take you everywhere.

 ~Albert Einstein 



A Canadian Web Design, Graphic Design and Marketing Firm 

We’re here to help. JD Communication and Design is a full-service integrated Branding, Marketing, Web Design & Development and Graphic Design agency  located in London, Ontario. We are an agency with BIG ideas and resources, which allows us to provide a full scope of graphic and web design, communication and strategic marketing services. We offer competitive rates and pay close attention to your needs. We specialize in creating communication solutions that work. You can rely on us to meet your creative needs and help you meet the needs of your customers. 


We would be glad to discuss any design project. Please give us a call to find out how we can help. We will find the design solutions that fit your needs and exceed your expectations.


We’re JD Communication and Design. We’ve been creating branding and marketing communications that resonate with people and deliver results. We also never forget that part of our job is making our clients’ jobs a little easier. Ready to see some of our work? How about meet us to learn more? Or, if you’re ready to start a conversation, connect with us today!