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Special Olympics
London, Ontario
Website Design/Development


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JD Communication and Design is a branding, web design and graphic design agency servicing London, Ontario, and surrounding areas, as well as the rest of Canada and the world. We are creative  professionals who create powerful imagery that will WOW your customers. Our design and branding experts work directly with you from design conception to project completion. 

It never stops with imagination. Every part of your business can be strengthened through great design. Design is everywhere we live, love, work and play. Great design should inspire the creator, the user, the buyer, and the seller to be better, faster and more efficient. Whether it is a logo, branding, websites,  or redesigning the information, BETTER means MORE EFFECTIVE. 

Good communication planning is not a mysterious art. It is a straightforward process. It helps you clearly say what you want your intended audience to hear and maps out how you will say it. It is the foundation on which to base decisions and create ideas. It allows you to focus on where you want to be and how you need to get there. Whether it is print materials, media/community relations, or internal communications, the more clearly you communicate your message, the better you will be at discovering opportunities, optimizing challenges and initiating change.