Cheap Logo Design – Is it Really Cheap?


One of (if not THE) the most important aspects of our design work here at JD Communication and Design is the relationship we build with our clients. We get to know their business, their goals, their budgets and their personalities. With crowdsourcing and design contest sites you never get that personal relationship. Indeed, you’ll most likely never even speak to the person who creates your logo. Same with some businesses who have the lower rates... what is their staff turnaround like? How long do they stay? Is it just a stepping stone or a long time commitment?

“So what?”, you might be thinking. “I don’t need a new friend, I need a new logo.”

The relationship you develop with your graphic designer goes far beyond exchanging pleasantries. As experienced professionals, a good graphic designer can anticipate potential issues that could arise down the road and will address them at the preliminary stage, saving you time, money and stress.

For example, are you hoping for a design work in three different shades of blue? An inexperienced designer will go ahead and start visualizing how navy, turquoise and cerulean will work together. An experienced designer will advise you that blue ink can be difficult to dry completely and offer you suggestions on how to find a way around this issue.

Let’s say you want to put your logo on a billboard – do you think the tiny little .jpeg or .eps file will be sufficient? Or, perhaps you need a black and white version of your logo. Maybe you want to use your logo as your Facebook cover page, but the file you have has a vertical orientation, not a horizontal one. What if you want to add it to a Power Point presentation, but your logo’s current color scheme renders it essentially invisible on the spread? With most crowd sourcing sites, you receive only a .jpeg and .eps file and only have a short window of time (5 days) to request additional artwork. You never know what you will need down the line. If you’re working with an experienced professional designer, the changes you need are a phone call away.

Plagiarism. According to a number of review sites, plagiarism runs rampant on these sites with most “designs” merely being templates with tiny elements tweaked. So, do you really want to spend the money on a design contest prize only to find yourself with something completely unoriginal? Or, even worse, land up with a lawsuit for trademark infringement? Are the “savings” really worth it?

That's where we come in. We build relationships. Learn about you and learn about your business. We are in it for the long haul. So whether something needs changing during the transition period, or something new comes up down the pipeline... we are there to help you and help maintain your brand.