6 Ways to Turn Instagram into a Marketing Tool - Ways 5 and 6!


5. Encourage In-Person Interaction With Location Tags

As you try to nurture the leads you generate, it’s important that you find ways to get them more and more involved with your business. Since location tags encourage in-person interaction, they can help you to do this.

What better way to point users to your physical business location? That may be all the motivation someone needs to get in the car and pay you a visit, especially after seeing other images that may be associated with the location you choose.

Also, your location tag could point to a place you are or you want your followers to be, if possible. For example, a workshop or an important conference in your industry.

6. Advertise to a More Highly-Targeted Audience

One wonderful thing about Instagram is that, even if you only have a free account, it can still be an effective marketing tool for you. Yet, if you want to pack an even harder punch, you can use the platform’s advertising features as well.