Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog: Top Reasons Why You Should be Blogging to Grow Your Business


Considering you built your website with a CMS tool, it might seem a bit strange to some that it doesn’t feature a blog. However, when you’re working hard on and in your business, it can feel like the last thing you can justify spending time on is blogging.

This makes sense. You’re a freelancer or business owner, designing and developing your way to success. Your website is finished. It looks great, has excellent sales copy, and offers a positive user experience (we handle all that for you). Your visitors can easily see what you have to offer and view glowing testimonials from previous clients and customers to back up those claims. Yet somehow, you’re still not getting enough business coming your way. Hm.

This could be because there’s one thing you’ve overlooked on your website: adding a blog. So why should your business website have a blog?

We will be posting a follow up blog (haha!) or two even, to answer that very question.

By the end of those posts, you’ll be able to make an informed decision as to whether blogging can help your business or not and if content marketing is a valuable use of your time and resources.