6 Ways to Turn Instagram into a Marketing Tool - Ways 3 and 4!

3. Interact Freely With Your Audience

Engaging with others on Instagram can have numerous benefits. It’s a key ingredient in both customer satisfaction and brand advocacy. Additionally, it increases your business’:

•  Visibility
•  Likability
•  Memorability
•  Credibility

No doubt you’d agree that the benefits are worth the time it takes to interact. Who should you be engaging with, though? Your followers, industry authorities and the followers of those you follow. The more people you engage with, in a sincere way, the better the results of your efforts.


4. Share User-Generated Content

Going right along with the last point, sharing user-generated content is an excellent way to engage and be engaged with. You can come up with fun and creative ways to get your customers to share their pictures, videos and positive experiences with your business.

In turn, others may become customers and share their enthusiasm in hopes of having the same honor. User-generated content is one of the best forms of social proof and one of the best ways to create an air of excitement surrounding your brand.