6 Ways to Turn Instagram into a Marketing Tool - Way 1!

1. Use Hashtags to Boost Awareness

To consistently generate new interest in your business, you need to use hashtags. After all, they are the way that users search for photos of a specific type or relating to something of interest. If one of your posts shows up during their search, they may take the time to explore your account further and may even follow you.

When choosing and using hashtags, though, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, while you don’t need to use hordes of hashtags per post, you do need to use at least a couple on every post. Which ones? That brings us to the second point.

The majority of tags you choose should be relevant in some way to your industry. That way, more people who stumble across your posts will actually be interested in what you do and offer.

Yet, you should also use a mix of local and trending hashtags. For example, #newyork or #flashbackfriday. These might not necessarily be related to your business or industry and, thus, will likely attract fewer qualified leads. That’s not to say that they aren’t worth your time. You can still boost awareness of your business this way.