The 5 Challenges of Working for Yourself... and How to Deal with it. Challenge 1

Liberating yourself from a full-time employment gig, to saying “Ciao!” to your boss and setting out to create a business on your own terms—that’s the dream. Working for yourself can be everything you’ve ever wanted. But sometimes it's not. Solo-work definitely is a challenge in itself. So in our next few blogs we are going to cover some of these challenges and maybe you some structure and fore though.

Challenge #1 - Getting work done

In a ‘proper’ job and an office environment, there is a system and a routine that you must follow successfully to get from point a to point b.

You have a desk. You have certain set hours that you’re expected to work. You have meetings to go to, and you have a boss and other team members to work with to make sure that you complete your projects on time. You might have a stressful commute or not. You may also have a colleague that seems to know-it-all and who might drive you a bit crazy from time to time. However, there is a whole organization in place that gives you a framework to easily slot into.

Starting out on your own—not so much! Working for yourself means that you can stay in your Pajamas and start working as late as you want. You’ll probably be working from home at first, with all the distractions that this brings with it. Laundry. Coffee. Deliveries. Animals. Drop ins. Dinner. Or maybe you’ll go to a coffeeshop—but which one? Starbucks? Williams? Tim Hortons...the possibilities are endless. Will it be full of teenagers, or hipsters and loud music? Does the Wi-Fi work and is there a socket? Will the coffee shop shoot you disapproving looks as you nurse a small cappuccino for four hours to use their free wifi?

What is the solution?

Once you’ve had that first rebellious period of throwing off the shackles of your job and staying out late on a Tuesday night because... well you can! Once you’ve frolicked in the freedom of having a complete lack of schedule and caught up with 10 years’ worth of sleep deprivation… Then it’s time tout your nose to the grindstone and get to work.

You need to put in place a structure that works for you:

  • Decide on a regular starting time. Yes, you do have to get up at some point! Determine when you will take your breaks and when you will finish your working day. This can be a challenge for a very long time. Working for yourself... you can end up working late into the night. And even holidays. Which means you might adapt a lack of time. What day is it anyhow?
  • Think about when you do your best work, and use this time for your toughest projects.
  • Find a space that provides the environment you need where you can work without being disturbed. Make yourself an office. 

You’ll soon realize that a little bit of structure is what will make all that freedom you want possible.